Get your iPhone or iPad fixed in minutes, not days!

iPhone iPad glass repair replacement broken screen repair.png

Glass & LCD repair

  • Shattered, cracked or broken glass

  • Pixelated

  • Discolored

  • Black blotches

  • No picture on screen

  • Ghosting

iPhone iPad touch issues repair screen repair.png

Touch issues

  • Device will not react to users actions

  • Opens and closes apps on its own

  • Home or power button repair

iPhone iPad battery repair replacement charging repair.png

Battery & Charging Issues

  • Loss of daily battery life

  • Rapid battery drain

  • Fluctuation on percentage of charge

  • Swollen battery

  • Device will not charge

  • Device only charges at certain angle

iPhone iPad water damage repair.png

Water damage

Repair of some issues due to the device getting wet.

iphone ipad repair.jpeg

Don't just take my word for it...

Needed a screen replacement for my 6S and called around to a few places. This guy was the winner just from that alone. I was able to be there within an hour and get my repair done. (FYI the location is a residence, so donโ€™t think your gps steered you wrong when you show up in a neighborhood instead of a retail area!)

He comes out and greets me in my car, takes my phone and returns within 10minutes with a literal curbside delivery! Very friendly, ended up chatting with him longer than it took him to do the actual repair! Will definitely be my go-to when I [dreadfully yet inevitably] crack another screen. Winner all around!
— Clark G.

I started uBrokeiT in June 2011 in Los Angeles, CA. After working as an Apple tech for several years I realized there was demand for Apple quality workmanship and quality parts, without the Apple prices. This demand combined with my curious nature of how things work and 14 years of customer service made the repair market a perfect fit.

I have made it my mission to find the highest quality parts for use in all of my repairs.

My passion, focus, and professionalism is clearly reflected by clients' Yelp reviews and shows that people see uBrokeiT as the best iPhone and iPad repair in Los Angeles. We specialize in iPhone repair and iPad repair services.