Why does my newer generation iPad glass repair cost so much?

Being in business now for over 6 years I have done iPad repairs on everything from the original Apple iPad to the new Apple iPad Pro.  For the longest time Apple kept their design pretty much the same with the iPad, it basically consisted of a chassis, motherboard, battery, lcd, glass, and a few small parts.  


As you can see in the picture above, the Apple iPad 2 has an LCD and glass that is separate and either item can be changed on it's own.   This made the cost of a typical iPad glass repair fairly cheap and cost effective.  

For example:

If your iPad 2 had a nasty drop and you needed glass repair, you could purchase the Apple iPad glass (be cautious of cheap knockoff parts) and if you really are skilled, you could DIY and save a decent amount of hard earned cash

That all changed in October of 2014 and Apple changed the design.  As of the iPad Air 2, no longer is the glass and LCD separate elements.  To save space and make the battery lager, Apple merged the two elements together.  This now increased the cost of a iPad repair drastically.


I often get asked by customers if fixing their older iPad is worth it?

I believe in most cases the answer is YES!  

Here is a list of iPad's that can be repaired (glass only) and average between $60-$80

  • iPad 2
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 4
  • iPad mini gen 1-3
  • iPad Air

Here is a list of iPad's that are only repairable by glass and LCD together and average between $180-$300

  • iPad air 2
  • iPad mini 4
  • iPad 5
  • iPad pro 9.7
  • iPad pro 12.9


As you can see as far as cost goes it's a no brainer to repair and older device.  This is ever more the case if the iPad belongs to a child (DROPS HAPPEN OFTEN).  Hopefully in the future Apple figures out a way to still keep the thin sleek look of the iPad and makes it a more cost effective device to repair.  In either case, uBrokeit is here for all your repair needs with the most professional iPad repair in Los Angeles